Thursday, January 5, 2012

Easton's FIRST tooth!

TWO posts in one day!
(you can read about our Christmas if you scroll down one post)
When we returned home from our Christmas travels, Easton let us know HOW loose his tooth REALLY was! 
Sure, he mentioned it was loose, I wiggled it a bit a week or so ago ... but ... my mom experience here-to-fore has left me to believe it takes MONTHS for teeth to come out from the "wiggle stage." 

Not so much the case with every child I've found out!

I'm so glad that I took this very last photo of him with ALL of his first set of teeth even though it was LATE the night we returned from MN and we were all pretty tired. I still remember him getting this very, very first tooth about 5 years ago. Call me sentimental ... but these things are especially special to moms.
While brushing his teeth right before school this morning, January 5th, 2012, LOOK what came out in his toothbrush bristles! (Yup, fresh with a little toothpaste even.)
Oh how a BIG guy tooth is going to change the look of his smile!
(Am I ready for that?)
This adorable "tooth fairy" pillow was made by a sweet older lady at our church. I bought it LAST fall in anticipation for our children to start loosing their teeth. I didn't get to use it until last May believe it or not. Brayden HATES pain (even the slightest bit) and keeps his teeth forever until pretty much they fall out on their own and his permanent tooth is half grown it! I have a feeling that Easton will sport a bit of a gap for awhile longer than his brother since I don't see a tooth half way grown in like his brother (2 years older, yet 9 mo. older in "tooth years." haha!)
I just love this smile ... and I have no doubt that he will be even more handsome when his big guy teeth DO come in.
But I hope they don't come in too fast ... I want to enjoy this toothless gappy grin just a bit longer!
And he wasn't even late for the bus even though this ALL happened between 7:04 and 7:10am! 


Lexilooo said...

awww, yay for Easton!

WilxFamily said...

You have THE MOST HANDSOME little guys in the world. So adorable. Can't believe he's losing teeth already.

The Sanders Family said...

Awww, what a cutie Easton is, with or without teeth ;) This brings back memories of Cooper losing his first tooth on the ski trip last year. Easton almost made it to another ski trip :) And I totally get the bittersweet feeling of that first lost tooth. Us moms tend to want to keep them little for as long as we can. So, hugs to you mom! :)

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