Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Fruit Bowl

When I was growing up I was DEEPLY blessed by living right next door to my Grandma and Grandpa ... in a town much akin to Mayberry.
I seemed to ALWAYS be at my grandma's house when a boring moment crept in. I think back and it must have been a bit of a relief for my mom to know she could always suggest, "Hey, why don't you go visit Grandma?" (haha)--she knew it was only a skip and a jump away (our yards were separated only by an alley) and that it would be a blessing for my grandma as well.

It was truly a gift to have her knowledge and love and harshness all so close ALL.THE.TIME.
(What I mean by harshness is, she and my Grandpa were definitely what people would call old school. There was never any gray area. They were strict. Even more than my strict parents. And I love them all for it! Then and now.)

When my Grandma started giving us her belongings from her home it broke my heart. But in her early nineties she knew that the day was coming soon when she would no longer need her things ... and with a deeply-seeded, ugly family battle lurking for a lifetime under the surface of calm waters of polite smiles, she knew her other son, my uncle, would make things as difficult as he could. And he did.

Thankfully, one of the things she gave me before it all "hit the fan" so to speak, in addition to the very, very special Czech Dinnerware that I had eyed since I was old enough to tell her how beautiful it was, was her fruit bowl.
I remember helping her use it to gather Currants at her farm for making jelly, it sitting on her counter ... it just says, "GRANDMA," when I look at it.

Its most recent life in our home has put it in the cupboard to hold my onions and potatoes. Not a very glamorous life that is for sure. But it has saved the bottom of my cupboard more than once when a tator has gone south (if ya know what I mean!)

It brought me such joy when I was trying to catch up on blog posts from Christmas and I happened to spot something in the background of a friend's photo of her sweet daughter. 
Did you see it?
Yes, she has the SAME fruit bowl too!!
And it turns out it is from her grandma as well. :-)

For some reason, that day when I was missing all the ways I used to celebrate Christmas with my Grandma and family while growing up, it was like having a big hug.
Love your bowl Andrea! What a special Grandma you must have had too!


Lexilooo said...

gorgeous bowl, I love it!

also, I need one. I just had a few taters go south on the floor of my pantry....

andrea said...

that is so cool that we both were left such treasures from our grandma's....i too, always told my grandma ruby how much i loved her "fruit bowl"....i remember asking my grandma ruby were she got the was given to her by her mother.... i L O V E it....maybe our grandma's are chatting in heaven and smiling down on a simple bowl that brings so much joy to US!

i am going to copy your post and put it on my blog....if i can figure out how to do that.


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