Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hockey--Deep into Wisconsin

Something I didn't expect when Brayden tried out for the Jr. RoughRider travel hockey team was how much we'd be traveling. 
Just 3 days after returning from our Christmas Break family trip to Northern Minnesota (8 hours by car) ... we all climbed BACK into the vehicle, the van this time, and traveled over 5 hours North deep into Wisconsin to Chippewa Falls.

Ug. That's a long way.
I think my butt in officially flat.

AND ... after Nolan got car sick minutes before we reached our hotel late Friday night I'm pretty sure I can dismantle, clean and re-assemble a car seat blindfolded. I've done it quite often lately. (Get the mental image of one of those secret agent gals reassembling a gun while blindfolded ... except swap in the image of a car seat. Way more glamourous of an image than reality of course.)

I'm already starting to get worried about our really, really long drive out to Copper Mountain, Colorado in a few weeks. It's long enough that Nolan can't go without eating ... and since he's recently made a habit of getting car-sick ... I'm pretty sure it's in the cards. ACK!

ANYWAY ... it was a really great weekend of hockey with some really close games. However, lest you think we're one of those crazy sports minded "GOTTA WIN!" families, the first two games we did NOT win, losing in the shoot out in the first and by one in the second. 

 They played VERY well though ... and despite their bummed out attitude, I think they're learning how to be humble in defeat. Not easy when you're 8 and 9! (or any age really)

Of course there was a pool at the hotel ...
nothing better to take your mind off your troubles.
(Apparently I take way-too-long to get into my swimsuit ... they are waiting patiently for me.)
 Sunday's game was a winner though ... and I'd like to believe that it had something to do with the fact that we sought out and attended a local church before the game, something we've been trying to do when our games span an entire weekend. 
Maybe God gave us a bit of  a reward for getting our priorities straight? Let me tell ya, there was a bit of an argument before we left by some members of our party. We could have slept in, gone swimming, casually ate a leisurely breakfast ... or split up with some of us going, some of us staying. But I really wanted us to go. And to go together as an entire family.
Maybe it didn't have anything to do with the win ...
But for me it did. It made a difference knowing that in the little decisions are made the big impressions of life. If we're going to play hockey on a Sunday, we need to give thanks and praise too. We have MUCH to be thankful for!

 And for the third game, Brayden came out on FIRE scoring the first 2 goals right away... then assisting in a third and then making a fourth later one.
(If a single player makes three goals in one game it's called a "hat trick"--something he has done twice this year and for this tournament he received a patch which he was REALLY happy about!

And the team received a trophy for the win in combination with the points they received throughout the tournament.
Another good lesson for the boys. It's not win or lose ... but how you play the game. 
It DOES add up!

I also got to try out my DANDY new headband that I WON from a give-away on We Are Grafted In right before Christmas. 
You simply MUST check out this site called Resurrection Knits
Very cool people, very cool cause, very cool products!! 
You'll LOVE one to keep your ears toasty warm! Check 'em out!

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The Sanders Family said...

Wow, how cool is that patch! I bet Brayden was beaming!! We NEED to make it to see him play, and a full game this year, not just a few minutes as in the past. Email me some home games coming up if you would and we'll get it on the calendar! And good for you all going to church before the game. Those are the little character building decisions that a parent makes that will shape and mold our kiddos with hearts for the Lord. You are a great mommy! And...oh my, the car sickness. Tell Mr. Nolan he NEEDS to get over that before our trip! (As if just telling him would do any good, right!?!) Just remember the week of fun will be worth the long 15 hour drive ;) Can't wait!!!

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