Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skiing Dreams

So I was browsing pointlessly the other day ... and came across a really cool pair of Ski Pants. 
They became the very first thing that I've ever pinned to my Pintrest boards in fact! (I'm so behind.)

Now ... I don't exactly "need" a new pair of ski pants ... especially these. (they're uber-expensive.) 
But they are pretty don't you agree? And they would dress up my boring ALL GRAY outfit that I currently sport. Boy, I don't even like the color gray. How did I end up with an entire GRAY outfit? 

And they just happened to compliment the new set of downhill snow skis Jeff bought me for Christmas.

My very FIRST pair of skis! 
But it's one of those Christmas gifts like a treadmill ... there is a certain something that doesn't come with the actual gift that will make them really loved.
That would be ... Hard Work.
I guess I need to supply that myself (And probably should have done a bit more prior to this point.)

I did get to try them out over the Christmas break on the hills of Minnesota (covered by a fresh layer ... of ... man-made snow.) Can you believe that even North of us they were lacking in snow over Christmas? Odd.
(Thankfully we're getting some snow here finally.)

My form hasn't really gotten any better with the new skis unfortunately. And I'm already feeling the burn of my muscles just thinking about those mountain runs and my endless snowplow.

I hope that eventually I'll feel like my skiing deserves such nice equipment!

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The Sanders Family said...

Don't get down on yourself girl! Maybe we'll just need to head off on our own with the younger kids and ski some by ourselves while the guys race down those black diamonds. Ya know, I've heard that a lesson can really improve form too. Maybe that could be an option? But definitely it's all about having fun, NOT about your form or how fast you blaze down the hill. Just have fun! That's what I'm ready to do:) You're going to be great on those new skis!!

The family

The family