Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ahhhh--A Trim

The last time I cut the boys' hair ... was right before school started this year.

And as luck would have it, they have hair that grows at the rate of a freight train like their dad.
And Brayden's is SUPER thick like his Dad's too. (Easton has my thin, soft hair)
So when school photo time came around in Oct. I REALLY wanted to trim it up a bit.  Just the edges ya know, so I could see the tops of their ears again.

But ... that was a NO GO. They escaped my shears ... and Jeff insisted that really it wasn't a battle that we should fight right then.
And of course the next day AFTER photos Brayden announced he wanted a haircut (grrrrr)
However, we also had hockey and church that night and there just wasn't time ...

So another month and then two and then three slipped by with my nagging asking if NOW was a good time. (I did trim around their ears one evening ... but that was all they could stand/allow and they were quite grumbly with that.)
It didn't help that their grandma likes that "seventies" homeless look they had going on and had to tell them over and over at Christmas. I guess Jeff sported some version of it back in circa 1979 and it brought back good memories or something.
And when I looked around at nearly ALL the other hockey players on Brayden's team I noticed that yes, they all were sporting the unkempt look. In fact, I started noticing it on boys everywhere!
So I decided to let it ride. Maybe Jeff was right, the more I wanted their hair cut the more they would resist.
(Okay, so I made comments every now and then about how Santa might be bringing some hair ribbons and that I was looking forward to refreshing my braiding skills ... but ... really ... I tried to not let it bother me ... outloud anyway.)

And yes, at times, it did look good ... but then other times ... not so much!
Well, it finally got to the point of it being in their eyes. Seriously. Like sheep-doggish.
And when Dad said, you WILL be getting it cut before long ... in fact before you birthday (May) ... in fact before the upcoming ski trip! I may have had to excuse myself into the other room and jump for joy (quietly!)

I walked them to the bus yesterday morning and asked if we would be squeezing in some hair cuts before hockey practice and when they said, "YES" ... I cleared my schedule and met them at the door when they came home!

Ahhhhh ...
Maybe it's just me ... but I like the clean-cut look!


Tara Anderson said...

I like the clean cut look, too! So many of the boys around here have the longer hair, and I'm just waiting for the day we have to cross over...and enjoying the short hair while it lasts. :)

The Sanders Family said...

Awe...haircuts!! I like the clean-cut look too, and you're right, so many boys are wearing their hair so long! I really think in ten years we'll look back and be glad to prefer the clean cut look. Gabe has stopped arguing with me about it...(maybe finally realizing that his hair texture indeed does not look good long.) Cooper couldn't care less, so it's easy to keep his short. Tell the boys that I think they look handsome with their short haircuts :) And I'll make sure to tell them myself in a few days when I see them to help reinforce that haircuts are good! hehe ;)

Football and Fried Rice said...

They are handsome regardless!!! I think it's funny that boys can have good-bad hair days too!!

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