Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Almquists--Professional Wafflers

We're horrible decision makers ... mainly because we're wafflers.
And we over analyze and research and price-compare and worry.
It's really tiring and inefficient. Really it sucks the joy out of any purchase.

Our latest decision up on the block ... some new plates to replace the ones received from our wedding that are now all chipped, broken and long gone. Who knew Stoneware was so ... breakable?! I guess 12 years is about their lifespan.

And I'm picky I guess. If I'm going to eat on it I don't want to feel woosy looking at the design on my plate. I almost bought a box that was on T@rget super sale Black Friday ... but the colors on it seriously left me just that, woosy. It would have been a great diet plan I guess. But I'm still glad I held off.

Here are the two choices before us right now. Of course there are millions out there and I could be swayed in an instant to something new.

This is MariBeth from Pier1. It's "Ironware" and supposedly 2 steps better than stoneware, yet, one step down from Porcelain. I like this one quite a bit ... but I don't like the bowl for it's deepness. I'll never get more than a couple into our dishwasher I fear. I've thought about getting the plates/mug and then getting some plain off-white/ivory bowls from another set to coordinate.

And then we waffle ...

This is Flo by Corelle. It's Corelle, need I say more? It's pretty super-family-durable. (The cup is stoneware.) But since it's Corelle, it's kinda lightweight feeling and maybe a bit over casual. I know, who cares. The bowl is a little boring ... hey, apparently I have a high bar set for bowls.

And here in lies us waffling again.

Anyone have a favorite they'd like to vote for and sway our opinion ... or even suggest?


Tara Anderson said...

The MariBeth is BEAUTIFUL...I'd pick that one if I were you! :)

The Sanders Family said...

LOVE the Pier One set of course :) One of my favorite stores. And I like the fact that it's got some girly-ness. YOU deserve that, right?!? That's my vote! And we also have some deep bowls, but I lay them flat in the top level of our dishwasher and you'b be surprised at home many you can fit in there. Just a thought!!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh...and add procrastinator to the list, along with waffler ;) Shouldn't you be packing? But, I guess I should be too! Haven't even started...yikes!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I love the Maribeth too!!!! Even kind of girly -but shhhhh!!

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