Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Faces of Sleep

As seasoned parents ... I got quite a kick outta this recent post I found on FB.
You may need to click on it to see if you can see it larger.
It's oh so TRUE! And I gotta think that if you are a parent you are going to identify with at least one of these cartoon boxes, if not all of them. Although they forgot my favorite, The "Mom is my pillow" move, which alternates with the "Mom is my kick-boxing target" move.
When Brayden (our first son) was little we were adamant that our bed was OURS ... it was some wisdom that was handed down to us from some pretty wise people and it was pretty sound advice to keep the new little one from taking over EVERY aspect of our married lives! Other than the bassinet next to our bed when he was new, we did not let him co-sleep ... okay, maybe once we were awake on a Saturday morning. And quite honestly, he wasn't one to be heart broken by that. In fact, I think back and he and Easton have always been the ones to cry out FROM their bed rooms for one of us (usually me) to come to them ... and not to come and snuggle in with us. (I've spent many a night half slung over a crib rail to pat a back or my head on a toddler bed mind you!)
However, I have seen a slow ebbing away from this through the years. Perhaps we're softening as parents. Maybe we're just tired. I suppose it could be the personalities of the boys. Well, Nolan is the true baby of the family and sometimes I wonder if he truly thinks he has a little bed for the first half of the night and a big bed for the other half. HA! (Okay, it's not quite that bad ... but there are streaks ...)

SO, when we drove out to Colorado recently and decided to take the 4wd truck we decided to take advantage of the ample cargo room. We made the WISE decision to throw in one very important piece of furniture! HIS bed!

We all slept SO much better in our own beds.
Best decision of the entire trip! (sorry I somehow cropped out the TOP of the bed)

And the funny part was when I started to pack up for the trek home Nolan wondered where we could possibly be going?! Since his bed was there, he had just assumed this was his new home I think!
It kinda worried me a little bit that he wouldn't be a little bit more sad about just picking up and moving in a heartbeat ... but I guess he felt secure in the fact that he had what mattered, US and his bed. And that's a good thing I guess.
(I was a bit relieved when we got home ... he was really happy to see our true home again! (whew!))

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TanyaLea said...

LOL! I seen this on FB too, and I totally relate. Especially when Breanna was little. We actually went in the other direction... got more strict after child #2 came along. Khloe was somewhere in the middle, understandably with adoption and all ~ our first concern was her feeling secure. But thankfully they all sleep in their own beds ...with the exception of naptime ~ Khloe prefers mama's bed and mama's soft down pillow at nap time (plus my room has darkening shades as opposed to her light-filtering ones! ;)

Hope you find out your test results soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers!


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