Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guests: A Reason For a Clean and Tidy House

We had guests over this weekend. What motivation to get the house cleaned and organized! And let me tell ya, my sewing stuff gets WAY outta hand more than often. SO it was a good thing to be forced to pick it all up, stack it, organize it by color or theme and set it aside.

Of course we had a small SuperBowl gathering on Sunday, but the night before that we also had an impromptu dinner with friends. Jeff's long time roommate during his single years and his wife (who is originally from China) and their 3 year old daughter are soon moving back to China for a few years!

We will certainly miss them. But ... maybe this will be a good excuse for us to go visit! I've always longed to go to China ... and well, here's another good reason. (fingers crossed!) A trip to my favorite foster home in Northern China and then a trip South to Shanghai? Why not? Sounds so perfect. But I'm not sure if I'm running to get my passport issued quite yet. My plans always seem to be a little bit different than how reality plays out. Last time Jeff suggested a trip East with him when he traveled next for work I ran to fill out my passport paperwork the very next day ... and the day after that he was switched to a program for a different country. HA! Go figure.
Anyway ...  back to the story at hand ...

Nolan and Kaitlyn are nearly the same age, and they had a ball together!  

Some of their favorite things were ... Kaitlyn's penguin:

And Nolan's special lego creation:

They worked together to get their animals just right for a photo:

 Cheese! (click):

And the bigger boys' legos:

Showing off their proud items:

Look at that crazy hair ... a day before they finally let me cut it!

Kaitlyn was kinda sweet on Nolan I think:

And Nolan?
He's such a typical guy ... kinda oblivious, more focused on making noises with his mouth.
He did try to impress her with the all time favorite, "air filled puffy cheeks"--little did he know that was MOM's favorite game ... probably not a winner with most girls. ha!
They did have fun in their "fort" though.

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Lexilooo said...

so sweet! why wouldn't she be sweet on such a cute guy?!

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