Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ice Fishing Memories

When I married Jeff I was introduced to a whole new world. 
The world of the North Land.

Ice Fishing, Snowmobiles, lots of snow, and hockey.

I still remember the first trip North when we were first dating. Christmas morning he took us down to the lake and stepped right out into the middle to walk over to the neighbor's house. 

I mean, why would you walk the road when the lake is right there? 

WHAT?! ... I will admit that I was more than a bit cautious, stepping out with a toe first, thinking there was no real way that the ice was truly frozen.

Funny ... Easton was the same way this year!

It didn't take long though and he was out there fishing right in the middle of the lake like he'd always been there.
Brayden was a pro too.

And Nolan? There is no photo of him at the edge of the lake because even though he started in the sled I was pulling, he took off running 100 miles ahead of me. 
And in case you've never seen it up close ... here's an auger-ed ice hole. The ice is about 8" thick (at least.) And notice the cracks? That used to worry me ... but apparently that happens when the ice is "growing" in the cold weather as it expands. It makes an eerie sound (a low hoot/groan) in cold weather as it does this.

HOWEVER, it was not cold the week we were up North over Christmas. In fact, it was upper 30's and 40 many of the days. Kinda crazy! (notice the lack of gloves, out of the wind, it was pretty warm! As long as your ears were covered.)

It's amazing that these fish fit through that hole! What a final trip for them!
I can only imagine the stories they must tell their fish-friends when they are caught and released (not the fate for these two big fish however!) 
Hmmm ... that would be a good children's story wouldn't it. Maybe I need to start on that children's storybook line I've always been meaning to write.


Tara Anderson said...

I've always been fascinated with ice fishing. Well, maybe not "always" but at least since I saw "Tim the Toolman" do it. :) Looks like your boys all enjoy it! Fun!

Lexilooo said...

I went ice fishing once, as a Girl Scout, and remember having so much fun!

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