Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random, Pointless Ramblings of the Day

Because I still haven't heard back from the Doctor or the Cardiology Dept. who gave me a Holter monitor last week after I returned from Colorado with heart palpitations ... (it's been 8 days and they said it would be 2) ... I finally went for a little shopping therapy. 

Actually, I had a coupon that had to be used by March 1st and since I wasn't totally convinced it was Leap Year this year I didn't want to cut it too close to the deadline. (And wouldn't you know, I didn't miss any phone calls while I was out anyway.)

So I finally bought our new plates. 
Thank you everyone who weighed in an opinion! It was pretty much unanimous and I was REALLY glad you all liked this pattern better. I did too.
Ahhhhh! now I can serve you supper if you stop by and I won't have to try and hide the chips on the edges of the well-loved plates we received when we were married over a decade ago. (Hoping these are durable ... I have 3 boys that are coming of dishwashing age, gasp!)

And while I was@Pier1, I used my extra coupon to justify spending just a wee bit more on a little stuffed something for someone far away. I have someone particular in mind ... and just have had my eye on this little bear for awhile and it happened to be on sale today. I know totally impractical and who knows if they like or need bears. But sometimes it's just okay to buy a stuffed bear on a whim.

I think the saleslady thought I was crazy as I pulled each of the 12+ bears out of the bin and examined each one. "Wow, you really like those bears!" she mentioned, as I struggled to manage holding onto the ones in the "maybe pile" away from the "no" pile. As I explained to her, each one has a unique face with the way the paisley fabric print was cut and where the flowers ended up. I wanted just the right face. It was like I was opening up a whole new world for her. She obviously had never really "looked" at these bears before.
I chose the one with the swirl to the right of his eye and a groovy flower on it's forehead. Truly the prettiest one in the bunch. Overthinking on my part? Probably, but it was worth it.

And not to miss out on the stuffed animal photoshoot adventure, Nolan offered up that his frog really needed to be in a photo with the new bear. "So he could have a friend," he explained. I thought that was a nice thought. Who doesn't need a good friend when first in a new place?!
Hope that doesn't mean Ms. Bear is getting too comfy here or there go my plans, ha!

And also while @Pier1 
I spied the most adorable little statue ...
I'm not sure what it is about baby elephants, but they make me swoon, especially when it is a mother and baby elephant together. Although this one was paired with what might be a baby Buddha ... and I wasn't sure that would go over well with the family ... or with our already semi-established home decor and Christian home. It might send some mixed messages to the kids, ya know, about why we have a Buddha in our house. I like to think it is simply an adorable Asian baby boy, but left it at that and did not cave in buying it.

However, when I went next door to the Christian Bookstore I couldn't help but be captivated and swoon over another photo, this time of a mother and baby elephant. 

What is the deal with elephants and me right now? It just made me want to do the whole house in elephant theme.
I asked Nolan if we could perhaps get a baby elephant ...
He explained that, "no we couldn't because it would spray him with his trunk."
Well. That's that I guess.
Those are my rambling thoughts of the day.


Tara Anderson said...

Glad you got the plates! :)

TanyaLea said...

I love the elephant poster from the Christian book store. But like you, I would've had to pass on the elephant with the baby Buddha (that's EXACTLY what it looks like to me, too!) Sorry, but no Buddhas allowed in my home, no matter what the current home fashions are!!

And your choice of dishes ...LOVE!!!! I feel your pain, we still have the same dishes, too ...and we've been married over 17 years. I have plenty of nice entertaining sets, but all of our main 'eating' dishes are old. One of these days! The problem is, I'm SO indecisive. I'm sure I'll pick something neutral next time, to stand the test of time ~ but I REALLY love your set!!

Anonymous said...

seriously, can you not enjoy something for the beauty of it. what kind of religion do you practice that does not allow you to love and accept, and what on earth do you think will happen if you have it in your home? Rethink people, do you think this is the way Jesus would have behaved???

Anonymous said...


The family

The family