Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Return from Copper Mountain--The Holter DigiTrak Plus 24

We spent last week at Copper Mountain, Colorado, skiing with friends.

Nolan was SO excited about skiing and his FIRST pair of skis!

But he was NOT excited once we got to the ski hill and he realized that he had to move with those large flat planks strapped to his feet. 
He got downright frustrated. 
And then when he realized that they were meant to slide really fast downhill ... oh boy ... he was somewhere between thrilled and terrified.
I'm sure that will warrant a post of its own down the road.

I'm still a bit behind with unpacking and trying to catch up on emails and regular mail ... 
The high altitude really left me in a tailspin. Of course there were headaches all around all week on and off for the boys and me (Jeff is a tank and seems unaffected by about everything.) And Nolan even threw up once again right when we got there, luckily NOT in the car this year ... but then there was a new problem when my heart started missing beats.
It got kinda scary by Thursday night when I finally mentioned it to Jeff after hoping for a few days that it was just my imagination and that it would go away. (Typical heart attack victim mentality) 
It was simply good to wake up the next morning.
So ... yesterday with the problem continuing to worry/anger/frustrate me even now that I'm back in the flatlands of the MidWest, I headed to the Urgent care, had an ekg and now a Holter monitor to try to determine if this is "normal" or something to really be concerned about.
I'm hopeful that they will find out that my ticker plans to beat quite strong for another 60 years or so and that there are just a few deep things on my heart that make it beat more passionately at times. (And believe me there are.)

But aside from the Holter DigiTrak-Plus 24 monitor, DO notice the beautiful bracelet Jeff surprised me with for Valentine's Day! He purchased it from The Nest
I LOVE it!
It happens to be the one I blogged about a few weeks ago and has a "2" on it to remind me "2 Live Purposefully."  It is even more gorgeous than I had imagined! 
Check  The Nest out for more amazing pieces of jewelry! But hurry ... When I returned home, I found out I had also won a giveaway for The Nest hosted by my sweet friend Shannon! 
And I will be shopping for another beautiful piece from The Nest, I'd hate to take something you have had your eye on.

Seems like God always uses these ski trips to grow me in new ways. (sigh)

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”   ~Isaiah 55:8-9

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The Sanders Family said...

I love the bracelet...GREAT job Jeff! Did he give it to you when you got back, because I didn't see you showing it off on the trip! I don't love the crazy heartbeat! :(

The family

The family