Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring Promises: Ruffled Feathers Company

One bonus for being one of my friends ... is that when a girl joins your family ...
you often get a Ruffled Feathers Company dress!
This little knot dress is destined for our good friends, The Stockerts, who were blessed with their second child and first daughter in December!

Not many friends can say that they went on you and your husband's first date ... well, Terry, one of Jeff's best buds from way back, did just that when he rode along with Jeff to take this gal named Valerie ice skating one September. Isn't that a hoot?!
What a blessing that God brought Terry and his wife Angie together and that they have been blessed with the beautiful gift of family!

And just incase you notice these funky fun fabrics aren't listed on my Ruffled Feathers Site ... well, I have a lot of new stuff that simply isn't listed. Someday I hope to get that up to date ... but it never seems to happen. If you want to place an order on my terribly confusing site, just email me what you are thinking of and I can get some ideas to you or to help you place an order. And in the meanwhile, I might just make things and post them on etsy, 'cuz this fabric is really too fun to not work with and I don't know if I'll ever get totally organized.


The Sanders Family said...

It IS great to be one of your friends :) Love this combination on patterns. Well done!

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The family

The family