Friday, March 23, 2012

Colorizing Our World

I'm an artist.
And we've been living in our house for ... mmmm ... just about TWELVE YEARS ... and the walls are STILL pretty much all white!
(minus the little hand prints and truck dent marks)

It's like living in an empty coloring book.
A bit ... frustrating!

The thing is, I have a hard time committing to any one tiny paint swatch color ... and I made a bad choice the first time around when the color clashed with the wood tone of our trim. BUMMER! So the paint swatches pile up on the counters and ultimately in drawers as I waffle. (I might be able to wallpaper with the number I have. It's shameful I will admit.) And really ... with three boys and not a lot of family close by to babysit them, I just haven't had a lot of extra time (or energy) to paint walls. (although as I think back, I tend to always paint them when they are ALL home, go figure. Maybe they entertain each other better that way? Maybe it's dumb luck. Whatever, it's gone okay.

So far I've painted:
• two bathrooms 2007 (didn't like either color! Total BUMMER!)
• one wall of the dining room 2009 (the color was such a slight cream you can barely tell a difference from the white, {sigh})
• one wall in our bedroom 2010 (loved the color! Finally success!)
• the entry wall and stairway 2011(loved the color!) 
• stairway to the basement 2011 (loved the color!) 
• the boys' room 2011(although they want a sport team stripe yet)
AND NOW, the kitchen and dining room 2012!

Let me know what you think ... I'm not sure how true your monitor will be with the color, but it's a rich deep red tone called "Red Rebellion." Quite fitting ... and funny thing is I've wanted a red wall in my kitchen FOREVER ... and it wasn't until we updated our dining tableware (see earlier post) that I talked my husband into it ...
(He loves it btw.)  ;-0



Dining Room DETAIL with a few more things back in place
(that's vinyl lettering on the left that I design and sell by the way)


Kitchen--After (Not sure if the greenery is staying)
(sorry about the nasty flash reflection)
Kitchen--After (without the greenery)

One of my favorite parts of the kitchen is the little cream colored "HOPE in the Lord" tin-sign that I found on clearance the day I bought the new dinnerware! (The easel needs to be a smidge higher to cover the outlet and to be a bit more steady ...  But it'll do for now.)


Lexilooo said...

love the red!!!!

WilxFamily said...

Love it!! How does it feel? It looks so warm and welcoming. What a drastic difference in the dining room for sure!

Tara Anderson said...

Well, you've seen my red kitchen so you KNOW that I love this!!! Now that you've got the bug it's time to add color EVERYWHERE! :)

Gretchen said...

LOVE IT!!!!! There is not one white wall in my house!!! Well, maybe inside the closets. :)

Every room is painted a different color, but they all flow. As creative/artsy that you are, I know you can pick colors that will flow and make your house look amazing.

It always blesses me when I paint a room and see how much better it looks. Just like buying new furniture.

The Sanders Family said...

I agree with Tara...keep covering up those white walls! Looks great!

The family

The family