Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Endings-LWB bibs

In April Love Without Boundaries will be hosting its Annual Art Auction (I'll be sure to post more about that later) AND they will also be having its Spring Cleft Lip Surgery Trip.

Top surgeons from here in the US will travel to China to help repair the cleft lips for so MANY children. They will also be teaching the latest techniques to the surgeons there so their work can go forward exponentially even after they leave! Recently one of the organizers for this surgery trip put a request out on FB asking for bibs from anyone who might be interested in sewing and donating them.

Speediness is NOT my forte as she asked in JANUARY and it's already MARCH, but I am happy to say that today we are boxing up 12 special bibs and look forward to knowing that their bright colors and prints might bring a little joy to a little one half way around the world. AND maybe just maybe Shannon (the little one who we are sponsoring) might be one of those little ones sporting one of our creations! (fingers crossed)

Nolan, Easton and Brayden each with the bib that THEY chose the fabric for AND sewed! (YES, they sewed their own bibs ... with a little help...) but lest you think they are becoming homemakers ... it started as a bit of a "redirection" (punishment?) from being OVERLY rambunctious on a no-school day. HA!) But in the end? They were SO proud of their work and I am so excited to have them follow up on the Cleft Lip Surgery Trip story. Who knows how God might use this opportunity in their hearts?

Nolan chose fish and bubbles, Easton chose hockey and Brayden chose a John Deere tractor. (Of course they felt that the BOYS getting surgeries should have BOY bibs!)

Take a look, using the end pieces (The Happy Endings) from many of the skirts and dresses that I have made recently, we pieced together 12 bibs. Maybe you'll recognize a fabric from a project you ordered??!!
(I guess I have one more bib to create to make all 12!)

 And of course there is always room for silliness--here are my little "babies." 


Tara Anderson said...

I just can't get over how cute those bibs are! And to know that they will be used to help cleft babies makes them a million times better!

Lexilooo said...


I want to hear more about this auction. Maybe I can donate something???

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