Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Day

Things are kinda slow and boring here. I could upload a random photo, like how Brayden and Easton dressed totally alike today, but it's been a bit gray around here and I'm kinda lazy.

The sun is just making it's way through the fog this morning and it promises to be a bit of a change from the grayness and will be an unprecedented 70+ degrees today in these parts. (and through the weekend!)  **TOTALLY looking forward to that.**
But instead of waiting for those great sunshine photos I thought I'd post an email I typed to my husband yesterday. I don't want to loose the last 5 readers that still frequent my blog by continuing in blog silence ya know.

Just a snippet of where I'm at:

Subject: my day
From: Valerie
Date: March 12, 2012 1:54:43 PM CDT
To: Jeff

When I pulled the 5 pair of ski pants out of the washer this morning and saw that someone had failed to remove ONE stinkin' ski lift tag and that it was shredded ALL over the wash to the amount that I considered it MIGHT have been a misplaced diaper, but that it wasn't because I could still see the Copper Mtn. logo in the debris, I didn't think the day would continue downhill.

not so.

I went to find Brayden's summer clothes in the basement knowing 

that tomorrow being 70+degrees he will pitch a fit if he doesn't have shorts ...
I had to unstack the entire wall of unlabeled totes that you stacked to the ceiling yesterday to find that the tote of winter stuff and ski stuff was still mixed together right along with travel medications AND the video camera.
But while digging still deeper under the 5+ (I kid you not) totes of hunting things that for some reason were on TOP of everything (didn't hunting season end months ago?), four or five of them fell on me, and I'm not talking slowly or individually but all at once.
I escaped serious physical injury in case you are worried, although pyschologically, I will forever fear totes stacked more than 3 high.

When I did locate Brayden's summer clothes they were mixed in with mine from when the pipe to the water filter in the fridge broke and I threw them in there in a crazy fit to salvage anything I could in the 2 nanoseconds I had in the deluge flowing from our ceiling. And just when I began sorting them Nolan announced that he was "poo-pie."

Understatement of the decade.

The four to six CUPS of liquid poop that made his big boy underwear sag literally past his knees was beyond me even attempting to save them. I have never thrown a pair of little boy underwear away because of poop until today ... but this was somewhere beyond catastrophic. I'm not even sure how he created so much poop. Quite honestly, in retrospect it was like a scene from the movie, "RV," the color and consistency ... everything ... except there was no laughing.

And here I thought the challenge of the day would be me asking you if the new child we should sponsor next should be through New Day or An Orphan's Wish.
That's small peanuts to everything else I've started today. If I didn't know better I'd think someone/something was trying to keep me from bringing it up to you.
Dang Satan.

Hope your day is going better than mine.
I am going through the now labeled totes to get rid of redundant and worn out clothing. We'll be down to 5 totes of hunting stuff, 3 totes of Christmas and 1 tote of hand-me-downs, not to mention 1 tote of summer stuff and 1 tote of winter clothes/ski stuff.


Jeff happened to get this on his phone (downside of technology, but serves him right for having that blasted blueberry phone with email access all the time) while in a Staff Meeting at work and he could not stifle his laughter. Hopefully he wasn't rolling on the floor in tears.)
So glad I made his day. And I'm SO looking forward to something a little less "eventful" today!
Hope the peek into my yesterday gave you a giggle too.


The Sanders Family said...

I feel Jeff's pain...my side is hurting from laughing so hard (sorry Valerie!!) Ha! But seriously, I am so sorry you had such a cruddy day! I pray today looks brighter...it definitely does looking out the window right now! Love ya!

Gretchen said...

I love you, my friend! And I am laughing!

The family

The family