Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lydia Love Petals--ONE DAY LEFT! Hurry!!

Dear Sweet Kay Bratt , author and adoption advocate, offered to do a giveaway of one of my Lydia Love dolls on her blog! Since I would love everyone to know about Lydia Love I jumped at the chance to get the word out about her. (Sorry I have not gotten this posted about this here sooner, it has been CRAZY busy with Brayden's 9th birthday, end of the year concerts and bball games, as well as the boys being home from school all day for summer vacation.) But, the good thing is that you can hope right over there and do it right now and have a chance at Lydia Love Petals OR  Kay's newest e-book as a second prize!

If you have not seen the link to the GIVEAWAY here it is:

You ONLY have until the end of today to follow the easy-peasy steps to get registered to win!! And it's WAY easy. 
In fact, "Lydia Love Petals" is sitting right here WAITING for her new hugger, toter, mommy-person to have his or her address written on the box and be put into the mail!
(I'd love to see some comments/registered from people I know as well as all the people who are just finding out about Lydia Love for the first time.)

And if you want to order a Lydia Love of your very own I would love to make one for you as well! Details are on my Ruffled Feathers Company website. Just email me or leave me a comment and we'll chat about the details.

ALSO, I want to mention that ALL orders that are made for anything through Ruffled Feathers Company will have 10% donated to The Sparrow Fund through the end of today as well!!


Lexilooo said...

your dolls are just so darling! maybe I should do a giveaway?

Kristi said...

I can not believe that I missed this giveaway! Your dolls are so precious!!!
Christmas lists...

Anonymous said...

So adorable! You are so creative, talented, and generous!

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The family