Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day--Red Envelopes for Alea

Mother's Day just passed ... and one of the best things I received this year was a gift bag (with tissue and all the works) that contained 3 beautiful, hand-picked ... rocks!

I love rocks, and I love that my 3 boys all took the time to not only know that, but to pick out 3 special ones just for me. I love my boys--they are truly the BEST ...

And when I think about them I think about what an honor it is for me to be a mom. I am truly so blessed.
There is the coolest fundraiser going on for a little girl who doesn't have a mom or dad.
She also has a failing liver. HOWEVER ... she is in good hands. And it looks like she may be receiving a donor liver soon. Something unheard of where she is right now. It's literally ... a miracle.
BUT, surgery isn't free. They are raising funds to pay for this life-saving surgery, and it is not just a donate by clicking on a button kind of a thing. They have Red Envelopes (which have very special symbolism in China) numbered from 1-500. You choose which envelope you'd like to sponsor (and it can be a combination if your exact amount has already been taken--Example: you want to donate $52. You could choose the envelope #52 ... OR you might consider the #50 envelope and the #2 envelope ... or the #20 envelope and the #32 envelope--catching on?)

You can go here to find out more and to access the envelopes. Only SIXTEEN people have donated so far! And there are so many low number envelopes still available! -- Well, make that 17 because I'm headed over there next.

There is also a bit of a reward chance for you if you share this via a blog post or fb link! Check it out! 

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