Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Sparrow Fund: My Hope is in Him, A Challenge

I am so excited to be partnering with the nonprofit The Sparrow Fund this month through my store, Ruffled Feathers Company. We are donating 10% of all our sales this month to The Sparrow Fund along with 58 other businesses (click HERE to see them all) 
I wanted to be sure to be a part of it all too on the front end as a purchaser and I found the PERFECT thing for my newly painted kitchen at Hidden In My Heart

Oh goodness--Did you notice the little polka-dot heart wing on the birdie and its striped legs? My heart is skipping beats again!!

Until tomorrow night, we have a very special challenge in front of us that I want to share with you. An adoptive mom wanted to do something creative to support this nonprofit and their efforts this month to Build the Nest. And, she posted a blog entry today with that challenge -- for everyone who comments there with their first name, the store name where they shopped, and the total amount spent -- Leah will MATCH dollar for dollar in a donation directly to The Sparrow Fund up to $1,000! So, if you make a purchase through Wednesday, not only will 10% of your purchase go to The Sparrow Fund, you can make that 110% simply by commenting on her blog! 

Consider being a part of this challenge! Come on over to  Ruffled Feathers Company or one of the other 57 store and make a purchase. Then, simply go make sure Leah knows you did by commenting on her blog post (CLICK HERE) with your first name, our store name, and the total amount of your purchase with us. We want to make sure that at least $1,000 worth of sales named in those comments so we can get The Sparrow Fund this donation. And, we only have 1 more day to do it! 

Thank you so much! Oh yes, and I'm headed over right now to leave a comment to the post on my purchases!

And, here's the direct link again to all the partners - http://www.wearegraftedin.com/the-sparrow-fund-may-fundraising-drive/

And, here's the direct link again to my blog post explaining the challenge - http://www.myoverthinking.com/2012/05/challenge-im-doing-cartwheels-over.html

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