Friday, July 6, 2012

The look of NINE: Brayden

And continuing back even further yet ... just before school let out and things got REALLY busy around here with flag football and baseball for TWO boys and THREE boys all home from school all day for the summer ... Brayden turned NINE.

Despite the fact that his birthday parties in the past have been slightly ... challenging--huh,  kinda like his birth come to think of it, we had a get together for a small group of guys at the local PlayStation and then to a park for pizza. (In case you missed his Birthday #6  when he got hit in the head with a golf club at a mini-putt-putt course and ended the party in the ER getting stitches you can click on the link above. Also, I will also note that the boys are still BEST of friends and it was just a terribly misfortunate accident. Who knew Putt-Putt Golf could be so dangerous?)

It's hard to believe that these boys have already grown

to be THESE boys!
What attitude!

This year his most favorite gift was chosen by his dad. Yup, no more mom-trips to the Walm@rt toy section are going to suffice I fear. This is the look of a very happy birthday boy and his first bow.
Hopefully there will be many safe hunting stories in store with his dad and this bow.
We love you Brayden!
Happy Birthday!!

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