Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nolan--The BIG Four!

So, continuing to work backwards through time ... before Jeff's birthday/Father's Day, it was Nolan's birthday!

Sadly, a couple of days before the BIG day ... I came down with a doozy of a cold. (three weeks of suffering later, last week in fact, I buckled and finally went to the doctor and found out it had blossomed into a nasty sinus infection--Ug. Just a side note.)
Ya, like wipe me out on the couch for a day-fever-soar throat-aches-sneezing-congestion-cough-puking (ewww TMI) I think the recovery time should have been three days which never can happen to a mom--Jeff considered out loud Saturday night if I would need to go to the hospital? REALLY JEFF?! 
I couldn't tell if he was being concerned or trying to flush out a bluff?? (shea, bluffing? I'm not that good of an actress!)
I rallied (aka: faked that I was maybe getting better) the day before the birthday in order to make Nolan's cake ... but my big plans to have the older boys help make a Lightening McQueen pinata had to be ditched. And the yearly poster with the boys' name and age and favorite thing on it ... that wasn't even in the running of getting done.

And yet, we all survived.

Since his birthday was on a Sunday this year, we had church and Sunday School in the morning and then went from there to Easton's baseball game and FINALLY got to celebrate upon our return home around 4:30 pm ... and you know what? We celebrated by having cake first before anything else, even supper.

I must say, I think the cake (a homemade DQ Peanut Buster Parfait cake that is SO, SO, SO good and a family favorite!) turned out pretty well despite the lack of coherence on my part while making and decorating it.
I can post the recipe if there is any interest. (The really great thing about this cake is that any leftovers go back in the fridge and last for weeks ... although ... it generally has a hard time not getting eaten in that time frame. And it is the ONE ice cream dessert that inspires my husband, that YES we should have ice cream tonight. haha!)

That's crumbled oreo for the dirt by the way--Oreos make SUCH nice faux dirt especially over a few boulders of Chocolate Chip ice cream for added height!

And there were gifts that followed the cake ... so all was good even if it wasn't as I had hoped it would be filled with.
This is one of the TREASURED items along with his Power Rangers Samuri Sword that he also received 
(he truly wanted "a Fire Smasher" ... but they were $30 and not all that different in my book. I just wasn't convinced I needed a $30 toy in time-out on top of my fridge ... I was much more comfortable with a $14 toy up there ...)

boy + sword + brothers = toy in time out 
on top of fridge and boy in corner was my fear 

But amongst the sword and the race track and some clothes from Grandma, this other present that was a BIG fav is a "Happy Napper Penguin" from W@lm@rt--it was the last one left ... no price tag ... and I ended up resorting to asking a passing clerk for help. Luckily she was a manager and asked me what I wanted to pay for it ... 
although I was silently thinking maybe hmmm ... a dollar? 
I was more than happy when she said $2. But really, hearing the "Happy Napper" commercial over and over again in your house ... 
that's priceless.


Lexilooo said...

happy birthday Nolan!

this cake sounds amazing! would you share the recipe with scarlet threads readers? also, have you seen the names of the new aprons? :)

The Sanders Family said...

Happy birthday sweet Nolan. I for one would love the ice cream cake recipe! And the Happy Nappers song is sung in our house too....We are happy, happy nappers, and we love to play with youuuuu! ;) Glad you're finally feeling better. A lesson to go to the doctor sooner next time, perhaps? ;) hehe!

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