Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our RV *aka: We are not red-necks ... really

So Jeff has been looking for an RV for about 4 years now. He's been an Airstre@m fan ever since staying in his brother's during hunting trips in South Dakota and further out west. In fact, soon (we're talking within the first THREE weeks) of Nolan's life we camped overnight in Jeff's brother's Airstre@m at a camper park up the road from us. Ya, all of us, including a wee little 3 week old baby! There was also a tornado that night ... THANK GOODNESS we were in that sturdy silver bullet (Airstre@ms are those RV's that are giant silver metal, rounded retro looking campers) and thatfully God was watching over us and kept us safe!

So we're not impulsive shoppers ... and we've walked through quite a few crummy "fixer-upper" units that were definitely not our cuppa tea! So when this one showed up in Jeff's path ... and at an incredible price ... it was kinda a done deal. (in fact I'm still kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop ... like hmmm ... what's really wrong with it??)

So we tried it out last weekend ... when it was INCREDIBLY hot outside! Believe it or not, it has AC and was cooler than our house. Crazy.
And the RV park up the road (7 miles)--no, we didn't go far ha!-- has that putt-putt golf course that you may remember that I've mentioned before. (No one was injured this trip btw)
The boys had a super time with that!
And it is pretty cush I will admit.

 And suddenly Jeff's dream of taking the boys out west hunting and having ME go along (to cook and watercolor paint and sew NOT hunt mind you) isn't quite so crazy.

It's ABSOLUTELY huge though ... we're still trying to come to grips with its enormous mass. One thing is for sure ... I'm glad Jeff's driving ;-)

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Kristi said...

Ian and I have this pipeline dream that in a few years we're gonna rent an RV here in NC (down on the coast) and take the summer to go from Atlantic to Pacific as a family.
Hope you guys enjoy your RV!

from one who totally thinks you are NOT redneck ~ unless you park it on cinderblocks in someone else's driveway and stay for months...

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