Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Ruffle Some Feathers!!

My little sewing company, "Ruffled Feathers Company," is the "Monday Montage" feature this week at Scarlet Threads! 

You are probably well aware of the beautiful aprons, jewelry and other delightful things that Scarlet Threads creates as a fair trade company benefiting women and their families in China ... and if you haven't heard of them, you NEED TO CHECK IT OUT pronto! And as an extra incentive, if you mention the code "lex25" for reading about them here, you will receive a discount on your Scarlet Threads purchase! You can find Scarlet Threads by clicking the colored text above or here:

I would be thrilled if you would hop on over and read the post about Ruffled Feathers Company at the link above. It's pretty exciting to see so many of my thoughts in print in one place with some of my most favorite items and reasons why I love to sew! And quite honestly, since I advertise mostly through word of mouth and happy customers sharing my name with others please pass along the link to others!

And remember to check out Ruffled Feathers Company here:
I'm trying to get a few things sewn for the start of an etsy shop, so bookmark me so you hear when that opens.
In the meantime, here are my latest things I'd like to share ...

"Tangerine Dreams: Asian Inspiration"
This is its debut post, and it is still available for purchase! (as is some more yardage for another dress or two in case you need a different size.) This one is a 3T and makes me wish I was a 3T.

Blooming Hearts Knot Dress ($38)

Knot Top ($28) and Ruffle Pants ($22)

HOPE Knot Dress
(This is also available for immediate purchase and is a size 3T)

 Matching AG Bitty Baby dress ($18) and shirt ($6)
(also available AG 18" doll outfits)

Hot Daisies Knot Dress ($38)

Lydia Love Dolls ($35)
(pattern base from Bit Of Whimsy Dolls)

Also available: Coordinating Skirts and Ruffle Tops with Lydia Love Dolls
(To dress your little doll and her little doll)

I have lots of things from skirts, knot dresses, dolls, long sleeve shirts with ruffles, tank tops with ruffles, ruffle pants, ruffle shorts, doll outfits (dresses and skirts) Leave me a comment or email me with your wishes and I'd be happy to make some sweet and special just for you! :-)

*And remember, it's never too early to be thinking ahead to Christmas. Since all my things are hand made they do take a bit of time to create (especially when hockey season starts up for my boys!) If you think you might be interested in something, feel free to put a bug in my ear. I'm always looking for started ideas when I want to make something but I'm just pulling sizes or fabric combos out of the air.

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