Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer into Fall--Catching Up

Where has the summer flown? Apparently no where near my blog, and maybe that's a good thing. At least for our boys ... but even though we made good use of our pool pass, made friends with many toads in our yard, took a week and a half long vacation to the cabin Up North (and not only survived but had fun) the summer, as always, went by way too fast. It was capped off by watching the Summer Olympics--we enjoyed it so much, in fact, that Brayden and Easton started trying some things out on their own. Thankfully they didn't try out the gymnastic moves (which they love to watch thanks to Shawn Johnson four years ago.) Instead, BOTH boys learned how to do flip-turns at the end of the pool just by watching Michael Phelps race! I can't even do flip-turns, so I'm in awe.

Brayden jumping from the rope swing 
(the family cabin is across the lake) 
and yes, the water is deeper than it looks here!)

This is Cody-the-Toady who the boys fed bugs. 
He got really big!  One of many lucky toads
they took under their wing this summer (let me mention in 
particular "Slippery and Victory" 2 special toads they found
at the rope swing Up North.) LOVE the names they gave them.

Nolan and Sasha on the boatride back from the rope swing
I LOVE Sasha's ears flying in the wind!
Entitled this one "Flyin' Home"

The older boys, believe it or not, have been back in school for ONE WEEK now! (Ya, I have a lot of photo posting to do in order to catch up, eh?) And Nolan has been adamant in keeping me on my toes with his "homeschooling." Since he has a summer birthday, we've decided to not put him in preschool this year, but to wait one more year. Not that he isn't ready socially or educationally, oh boy, that kid is READY ... but we've made the choice to not push him along and have him be the youngest kid in the class, and instead to have a wealth of confidence to draw from with that extra year behind him ... and as a survivor of graduating at 17 and heading to college at barely-by-the-skin-of-my-teeth 18, I don't regret that decision at all.

And we're having a good deal of fun together too. We've run into some shopping these last few days since the older boys have been back in school. Mainly at fabric shops (poor Nolan!) Let me tell you, that boy has PATIENCE beyond his years! What a blessing. And I was so thrilled that after waiting forever for me while choosing fabric and trim we stumbled across THIS sweet find FOR HIM.
THIRTY-FIVE dollars!
We recently took our first family bike ride on a local trail right before my birthday earlier in August. It quite honestly was pretty fun. But Nolan is not ready to pedal (our kids do not excel in peddling at an early age which is beyond me since I lived on my trike and bicycle from an early age. So I'm going to say this is an Almquist gene, ha!) 
Jeff gerry-rigged our jogging stroller into a bike-child-carrier and although it worked okay ... I was a bit freaked out with the safety factor. (chalk that up to "mother-worry" I'm sure it was fine, Jeff is an engineer ... right?)

 We're hoping to get a lot of use out of these new wheels!
I hope to be more frequent in posting going into the fall and hope I still have at least someone who still reads my blog. If you haven't been over to Ruffled Feathers Company lately (my little sewing business) I'd welcome you to stop by. There's been some crazy-fun ruffling going on over there lately.

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Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Your boys are handsome prince's and special gift's from god.
Looks like you and the boys had a great and fun summer! That's awesome that Brayden and Easton started learning and doing flip turns like Michael Phelps, just by watching him, How awesome and cool is that! That's awesome that Brayden jumped in such deep water, he must be a great swimmer, I know I wouldn't be able to do that, Those boys have real gift with thier flip turns, swimming and jump ropping. You both must be proud parents!
I hope the boys are having a fun time in school this year, and making some new friends. Awesome bike you found for Nolan.
I love your sewing designs, and the dresses are very pretty. You do a beautiful job.
I was born with a rare life threatening disease, 14 medical conditions and developmental delays,

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