Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Willow Tree Sew Swap

At the risk of pushing back my sewing schedule a bit, <> I dared to participate in a Sew-Swap that is being revealed this week. Ya, probably a bit self-indulgent ... but I really am excited to get a "little-sewn-something" just for me in the mail from another fabric lover that I don't even know!

For the swap we filled out a small question/answer form telling a little bit about ourselves and what colors/fabrics/fabric designers we liked and submitted it with our name/address. In return, the following week we received an assignment of someone for whom to sew something. (Kinda a Daisy Chain Swapping, not a direct to-from swap if you can follow that. So I'll end up "meeting" two sewing folks! The one who gave me something and the one to whom I gave something.) As it turns out, the assignment came while I was traveling to see family out of state ... and the WEEK that I had to create something ... got shortened to FOUR DAYS.


At least I knew this in advance that this would be the case and I tried my best to get some ideas rolling around in my head so as soon as I returned home I could hit the ground running. Somehow I had a feeling that I was going to be using turquoise and red and I was SO happy to find out that those were some of my assignments Fav colors! (God was covering me on that one no doubt!)

So here it is. Ya, it was a little more intense than I originally thought it would be ... but that's usually how it rolls with me.
A 24" x 24" Table Topper.
 It turned out pretty well. Hope my sew-swap-partner enjoys it! It was fun making it (even under a little pressure.)

Showing a little bit of the back fabric (no, the doily behind it is not part of it)

 Up Closer

And closer yet

I have to say, it didn't photograph very well. It looks much better in real life. BUT ... that maybe was because it was night time and my digital camera doesn't do very with low light.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Smile For Lydia

There is the sweetest little bundle at an orphanage in China.
(I wish I could post her photo, but due to CCAA rules I really need you to go here to see it.)
Her name is "Si Shu"--a name that caught my heart almost as immediately as did her sweet face.

Her English name is "Lydia."

She was born with medical special needs, in fact, some of which were unknown when she received her first emergency surgery through the compassion of Love Without Boundaries. If the complexity of her condition had been known at that time, she probably would not have received that first surgery because the risks would have been thought to be too high.

She shouldn't be alive in fact ... but God has brought her through time and time again, against the odds ... against all medical logic ...
and she is growing ... and I'm praying for thriving.
She is waiting for her FIRST smile ... nearly TEN months old ... and still waiting?

But at least now she is gaining strength and hopefully it will come soon, brilliantly like a sunrise over the horizon after a dark night.

Praying that perhaps this may bring it?
This doll is making its way to her via a sweet friend who will be traveling very SOON to receive her own beautiful daughter from that same foster home--a daughter that had a similar beginning surrounded and buoyed in prayer and hope and trust.

This is Lydia Love, a doll inspired by that real Lydia Love. (sorry for the graininess, it's terribly humid here!)
 She is 100% cotton and softly stuffed, with real knot pony tails and hand-embroidered eyes and face. She even sports her own little heart emblem on her right leg and panda bears on her tummy.
You can order your own at
 Each one is hand-made and a tiny bit different from the last or next ...

But this one is even more special because it's for Lydia.
Dear Sweet Lydia.
Who is worth every last risk, every last hope, every last prayer.
Her doll will be more special than any other ... hers has a special patch with the scripture that was placed on my heart days BEFORE her emergency heart surgery was ever announced ... when I was so scared to pray for her healing, to think it could even be possible.
 She is a bundle of miracles and so many are praying for her. Thank you if you are one of them!

The family

The family