Thursday, October 4, 2012

Magic Bubble Blower

I have to share this fun idea ... maybe I'm the last person to have experienced this, but I'm gonna share just in case you haven't seen this yet ...
I must admit that when we showed up to Story Hour at the library last year and they said they were going to make these "Magic Bubblers" I instantly got a knot in my stomach imagining my then-3 yr. old drinking the soapy liquid instead of blowing into it.
Maybe it's just my kids ... but give them a cup, a straw and liquid ... and they're going to naturally drink.

There isn't any bubble-liquid involved with this ... and it is really fun.

  • First take a styrofoam cup
  • You can decorate it with stickers or markers if you'd like
  • Poke a hole with a regular straw (I only had a curly straw on hand for photo day and we unfortunately lost the original one that we made for it, but it works best with a regular straw.
  • MAKE SURE THE HOLE IS NOT BIGGER THAN THE STRAW (my replacement curly straw was skinnier than the original and I had to block the extra space with my thumb to make it work for the photos.)
  • Take a dollar-store wash cloth and cut it into a 5x5" square (you could also use a really worn out one, but make sure that whatever you use is thin so it's easier to blow through and the terry cloth texture might be necessary for the bubbles, I've not tried anything else.)
  • Wet washcloth piece and secure with a rubber band.
  • Put a few drops of DAWN or other liquid dishwashing detergent on the top of the wet washcloth and rub vigorously across the entire top.
  • Then blow into the straw.

 I usually start the bubbles by blowing first just to make sure it has enough soap. This way folks don't get disappointed and frustrated too early ...
 If it doesn't work, add a little more soap, a little more water and a little more rubbing.
 Soon  you'll have a lovely bubble beard (or Marge Simpson hair) forming much to the delight of your little one AND THERE'S NOTHING THEY'RE GONNA SWALLOW (yay!)
(*We've restained our deck since these photos were taken, it looks so much nicer now, honest)
If bubbles decrease, add more water, soap and rubbing to replenish.

You can try this outside if it's not to windy or cold (it seemed to do better if it was warmer though) and would be perfect in the bathtub if it's winter or if you are kinda fussy about bubbles in your house like we are.

When the fun is done, simply put it in the cupboard for another day OR recycle the cup and keep the washcloth for another fun day down the road.

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Football and Fried Rice said...

This totally looks like a Pinterest idea! I've been LOVING Pinterest for all my mommy inspiration! I made the kids' Halloween costumes this year (SO CUTE!washer, dryer and basket of laundry!!) and I have pinned oodles of Thanksgiving day crafts. I am actually looking forward to Thanksgiving this year (well, no menu yet, but plenty of time, right?)

Thanks for sharing this great idea! I will try to take advantage of the nice weather this week and do this with the kids!

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