Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Happiest Shopper

It's really too bad when a family only has only boy or only girl children ... because without the other gendered siblings, there's no borrowing of those gender-specific type toys. Oh yeah, I know, girls can play with cars and toy guns and wear blue ... but really ... dad's get really queezy when they see their sons playing with dolls and strollers and things that are pink.

It does warm my heart when my boys cuddle their stuffed animals and "fatherly" nurture them ... or even (shhhhh) borrow one of my dollies and sweetly rock it or give it a kiss! (melt this momma's heart.)

This week when the two older boys were playing out their y-gene aggressions on the hockey ice at the ice arena, Nolan and I hit the grocery store to get some food to fill these hungry boys.
That is when ...
Nolan spotted the child-sized green carts. With only a short list and a big sigh of relief that he wasn't begging for one of those bus-sized car-carts that he sits in for about the first 2 aisles of the store and then decides to walk I was more than happy to let him "man" the cart! :-)
 Seriously, I don't think this boy could have been happier or more proud to walk the aisles and help me shop! And I will say, there is one lucky little gal out there who in about 20 years will be getting her groceries brought home by her man. (hee hee)

Definitely, with this smaller cart basket, our grocery bill will go down quick, ha! (But the number of trips to the store will most certainly go up.)


Jenn said...

So cute!! I'd hire that shopper any day!!

Rachel said...

I stumbled upon your blog through Anneli's. What a cute little helper you have! My little guy's name is Nolan as well. I wish we had the green carts at my store!

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