Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Sponsorship Blessings

I was reminded by a friend's post this morning that I have neglected to blog ... and especially about the Christmas Blessings that were open to sponsorship through New Day Foster Home. And let me tell ya, I am so out of blog-practice, this is hard to string thoughts together and it may seem a bit choppy as I try to get back into the swing of things!

I will admit, that with creating the buttons for the Christmas sponsor's pages (like the one above) and some of the National Adoption Month images that were posted on ND's facebook page this last month too ... along with regular life with 3 boys, hockey travel and my little sewing business, I've been CRAMMED busy!

Thankfully ALL the children were sponsored (3 times a piece) as well as each of the staff members. It is one of the most fun times of the year for me ... I think we've participated for 4 year now? And each of our past sponsored children are in a forever family of their own now or on their way to them very soon! I have no doubt that by this time next year our this year's Christmas sponsor child, Lydia, will be too. (Wow, that's sweet to think about!)

There is an edge of sadness though as I remember the Sponsorship buttons. The sweet little boy in the above button is celebrating now in Heaven as he died unexpectedly in his sleep about a week ago. His face just bubbled sunshine and I fell in love with him instantly and I know many others did as well. I'm glad we were able to celebrate him for the short while he was here. How many other children will slip beyond our sight this season though? He was only at ND for less than 2 months ... and before that he, as special as he is, was one of the many, many nameless, faceless numbers. That hurts. I'm so glad he was loved. I am so glad that I got to love him ... even if it was from far away and for only for a few minutes here and there. He was used to impact hearts and left a fingerprint on this world.

When I took our sponsorship packages to the post office before Thanksgiving, the clerk mentioned HOW EXPENSIVE it was going to be and wanted to know if I had family overseas or something. That gave me such a warm feeling in my heart. Hmmm, family? Well, "No" I explained, but we sponsor a foster home and these were toys and goodies for the children. The clerk chuckled and said, the postage was going to be more than the contents no doubt. Well ... maybe (although I cram as much as I can in those flat rate boxes let me tell ya!) But her words kinda stuck with me all day, floating above my head. They kinda bothered me, wondering if that was a wise use of my dollars ... and then I heard a message that reassured my heart. When giving should we be so worried about the little things or should we give extravagantly and from our heart?

Of course we need to be responsible financially ... but within the means that we have, what a blessing it is to give ... and maybe even little "extravagantly." I know that there is nothing that I really can give that is as extravagant as the gift that God gave to us in His son. But in little ways God is allowing me to stretch my heart in giving in small ways. And I can almost feel my heart pinging a little like the Grinch when his heart suddenly grew 2 full sizes.

You can donate to New Day's Surgery Fund if you feel led and make a huge impact in the life of a child. Or If you're looking for a unique gift to give someone that already has everything, it's not too late to make a donation to New Day Foster Home, where there are several ways to bless.

The family

The family