Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All Things Northwoods: Skating, Skiing and Fishing

Christmas ... oh boy ... what a huge holiday.

I would LOVE to spend it at home one year with my family in our own home in our own church on Christmas Eve maybe even having the boys be shepherds or in a play ... open gifts under our own tree instead of hiding them in a tote and hauling them far away, lounging in our PJs sipping cocoa or coffee Christmas morning, taking toys out of boxes not having to wonder if all the parts will ever make it home ... sharing this special time with my side of the family instead of making a few hours to be with them days before the actual holiday ... but that dream would probably never be as sweet as I imagine anyway, right?
I still dream of it. Because it might be.

So once again, we traveled to Minnesota for more days than I care to remember ...
but the boys had fun ...
and moms will sacrifice deeply for their children's happiness, even if it takes years off of her life.
(And I'm reminded of the sacrifices my own mother made every year of MY young life as she never spent it with her family but always with my dad's side ... and how ungrateful we were of this fact. Ug.)

Luckily I was the only one to come down with the achy, cold-type influenza which hit Christmas Eve (yuck) but that's better than the usual case of ALL of us on the road with the stomach flu! I will mention (again, most likely) that in the 10 years we've had kids, we've traveled at Christmas to MN every year and only TWO times we've been well! That's just crazy.

Highlights of the trip were Nolan learning to ice skate AND ski!

 Easton caught 3 fish ice-fishing AND lost his first big front tooth and now looks more like a hockey player!


 Brayden had fun skiing and skating ... but didn't do so well ice fishing (but neither did Jeff.) And when we returned to Iowa Nolan had a day-out-with-Dad and tried ice fishing for the first time too.

Before we left the boys had 2 Snow Days home from school due to a blizzard that hit our area. It was nice to have a trial run of the snow gear before heading into the great white north ... but with the Christmas deadlines I was trying to meet I'm not sure if having three rambunctious boys (and a husband who was sick) home for those days leading up to the holiday was really helpful, ha! But the deadlines were met and we all had fun.
NOTE: I did participate in all the activities (except ice fishing) despite being sick ... although I'm always behind the camera and therefore rarely photographed. Another one of those mom-things.


Anonymous said...

I wish you guys could stay home one year too!! How big the boys are getting! Easton getting his big teeth and Nolan skiing and skating!

Lexilooo said...

Sounds like a good week, and I love cold weather! I was in Iowa the same time you weren't...it figures :)

Anneli said...

Awww, that must be tough! I was blessed to be able to spend Christmas in my own house (until this year) since both sets of grandparents lived within 20 minutes of me. It sounds like you DID have a fun Christmas though!

Side note: your little sweetie pie here is in the hospital and HOPEFULLY having surgery tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday.

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