Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Big Boy's New Room

When Jeff and I first built our house it seemed SO big! ... but 13 years and 3 boys later I think it's shrinking! Or at least definitely feels like it. Although the hockey-loving boys might hate to admit it, but their days shooting on the net in our basement are getting numbered (at least by me) as we are going to need to finish that basement sooner rather than later.

We have 3 bedrooms on the 2 above ground levels of our Salt-Box style home. And the one upstairs next to our bedroom has seen so many changes from design room to nursery to a toddler AND baby room, back to a single child nursery, a guest bedroom, a sewing room ... a catch all room ... and now ... my oldest boy's very own bedroom once again nearly ten years later.

The move required me to get serious about sorting and throwing out/gifting away/moving some precious things. Dismantling my baby closet (for real this time), moving my hope chest (that the family totally doesn't "get" and just stuff that I had in the closet that we had not yet found a use for. I did come across a hand-stitched quilt that was given to us for our wedding that I totally had forgotten about. What a treasure to come across now! Although now I don't have a guest bedroom to use it on (ha!)

But three boys ages nearly 10 to 4 all in one room? It was getting a bit crowded (and messy.) And I will be the first to admit it was time to break them up a bit so they could have some space and some privacy without little hands breaking apart legos etc. And Brayden did not hesitate with the idea and never looked back.
So Brayden wanted the theme of his bedroom to be ... The Minnesota Gophers. I went with the basic sports-stripes on the wall, ya not all that creative, (cringing as I added the 3-4 coats of dark read knowing how hard it will be to cover up down the road.) We've still got a ways to go before it's finished (and is a room really ever finished? It just transforms.) But here's the progress we've made and seriously it's the cleanest, neatest room in our house and has inspired some other purging of piles and corners of unused stuff.  (I will apologize for the weird photos, it's hard to get back far enough to get a meaningful photo.)

BEFORE (with the tape for my new painting already applied)
(just plain white walls, no I didn't have a nice nursery for my boys, just vinyl clings and accessories that I hand sewed like the crib skirt, bumper pad and curtains.)

I have not brought myself to take down the vinyl lettering "Giddy Up Cowboy!" from the baby nursery ... but it will be coming off soon I'm sure (haha).

To come I will be making some Minnesota Gopher Pillows for the bed and replacing the green gingham valance (anyone want it?) with something that actually matches. We also need to purchase a bookshelf, a storage headboard and a larger shelf to put hockey stuff on and some wall art or frames for cool photos. But ... it'll come. Next up is the other boys' shared bedroom. Easton has chosen The Minnesota Wild (see a theme here with the Minnesota thing?) although Nolan believes he's getting Iowa State (oh boy this ought to be fun to make happen. Maybe he'll not notice the wall stripe color if I focus the Iowa State on HIS bed?) And since they aren't getting an all new room location I'm gonna have to do something special ... not sure what though. They do have bunk beds in there although Nolan is not quite ready for the top bunk just yet (in my book) and so when we finally retire his toddler bed probably in the Fall (again, anyone want it?) when he starts PreSchool there will be more room in there. So I've got some time to think what would be neat.

One thing I wish I could do over with building our house would be to add more storage. We have absolutely none. It really stinks.

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Tara Anderson said...

What a fun room! It's amazing how creative you can be when your house starts shrinking...been doing that a lot around here, too! :)

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