Monday, February 18, 2013

Colorado Ski Trip 2013

(Awful photo ... but it's all we've got)

This is our fourth trip to Copper Mountain, Colorado ... and in my book the best skiing yet. (There was even wonderful puffy, bountiful snow the last 2 days of the week! Those are my favorite conditions in which to ski.)
Of course the first fateful trip when our truck and all our stuff was stolen will forever be remembered ... but it's nice to fill in with good memories to help that first trip fade a bit.

I think the key this year for me was forgoing ALL coffee, chocolate, caffeine and really cutting back on my salt intake and power-drinking water. Last year I had a huge problem with my heart kinda freaking out ... which was a bit scary ... and after returning home I found out I was having episodes of PAC and PVC (pre-atrial contractions and pre-ventricle contractions) aka: an extra heart beat in both chambers of the heart. Apparently it's not a serious thing and is just something to monitor and manage by finding out what triggers it and avoiding those things. Well, coffee, chocolate, caffeine and stress are all key elements for me I guess. So in addition to avoiding those things I skied easier terrain and tried my best to be mellow.

Other than the rough start of acclimating to the higher altitude (800 feet above sea level in Iowa to 9,000+ feet in Colorado) things went very well. Higher altitude and my genetics apparently don't do so well ... surprising since I'm part Norwegian ... from the mountainous region even. hmmm. So "acclimating" included Nolan throwing up as soon as we reached our stopping destination to get skis (he does this every year so we were prepared with a bucket) ... and then having him AND Easton throw up all night for the first night. (ewww)  Easton also had splitting headaches and nightmares most of the week. Oh yes, Brayden also hit his wall right on schedule Monday afternoon, rebounding after Tylenol and a good long afternoon nap. The first three days of no sleep and headaches of my own did leave me a bit weary ... but it was good when most everyone rebounded. Here's a photo run down of some highlights.

The crew getting fitted for their skis.

Group #1 ready for the first day out.

Easton waiting for the bus ready to go skiing. They have a terrific bussing system at Copper Mtn. that will take you anywhere and goes constantly from 6am to 11pm!

Nolan did very well, although he preferred to forgo any
snowplowing and instead relied on his dad (and strap) to stop him. Hopefully he'll get the snowplow down by the next year. He "COULD" do it ... he just chose not to. (grrrr)
(He did ski without the strap btw ... this photo was early in the week)


The bigger boys had their own bedroom.

 Brayden is a much better skier than me thanks to hockey and having no fear ... and so I didn't see him most of the week. He skied with his Dad and the other guys. That was a bummer for me.

This is the look of a boy who would much rather ski with his dad and brother than with his mom. (Can't you feel the love?) It was a constant look last week ... Easton is a very good skier and he did not let himself enjoy that very much last week unfortunately. In fact, all the kids seemed to be battling fevers and colds on and off. Easton still isn't feeling the best.

This is how we look when we ski, honest. Crazy, eh?

I was glad Easton got to hang out with me ... even if he wasn't exactly thrilled.
Part of Easton and my favorite run, "Easy Feeling":






I love this shot of Easton swooshing in the snow. 

 The kids hanging out

 Skiing the trees (Ethan, Gabe, Brayden)

Brayden and Gabe in the deep snow mogels

 This was a new pose. The "face-plant-snow-angel." Nolan has it down.

 (If you zoom in you can see he's smiling and that there really IS a snow angel, ha!)
Forever the Kidder.

 Hot-Tubbing after skiing

Pretty shot

Easton and I on the chairlift:

Pretty Shot 2

 Jeff and Nolan on the chair lift

Jeff and I even got the opportunity to go out for supper on Valentine's Night thanks to a generous offer from Dwight and Bonnie to watch the kids for us. We so rarely get out alone, it was quite a treat.

Remember how I was supposed to stay mellow? 
Well, Thursday when I came in for lunch this is what I found. 
Brayden was on a steep run and hit a big bump of snow that he did not see. His knees came up and hit him in the nose and mouth. I guess there was quite a big blood spot in the snow from a gushing nose bleed, torn lip and gums.

 It was pretty swollen and a good chunk of the inside of his lip is gone. But luckily nothing was broken! The photos don't quite capture it.

This was one of the shots I took when I was skiing alone (pretty much every afternoon.) It was quiet solitude. In fact, some days I was literally the ONLY PERSON on the run ... it was kinda crazy. But crazy-fun. My favorite run was the one I took at 3pm on Valentine's Day in the deep, puffy snow of my favorite run, "Easy Feelin'." I dedicated it to a little girl named "Charlotte" from NDS. Nothing like doing a run in someone's honor ;-)  I totally recommend it. 

Funny, this is the first year that these huge mountains hovering all around, breathing down my back ... haven't really bothered me. Could it be that we've made peace and I'm getting used to them? I could even see myself moving here someday. ;-)

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Carrie said...

awesome! I love it! It has been several years since we went skiing, and I miss it. I love the quiet of a run by yourself... what a perfect time to pray. Seems like an awesome trip, other than the busted lip and sick kiddos. :( You know what though, you shouldn't say your family pics are awful! If they have you and all your brood in them, I think that automatically makes them awesome! :)


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