Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slices of Time: An Attempt to Catch Up

I've not been a very good blogger for the past ... mmmm ... year? So in a feeble attempt to catch up, there's really no way to do that, here's a quick peek at many of the milestone/events that have flashed past us recently.

E's Toothless Grin
I love that he lost BOTH his front teeth at nearly the same time. I've gotten so used to it, I'm gonna miss it when his new teeth come in! (And his new teeth are not bright white like his baby teeth were. He brushes honest! And drinks lots of milk. The dentist just said everyone has different teeth color and his will be darker than his baby teeth.)

Still toothless a month later while Skiing in Colorado.

Nolan's First Skating Lessons
Nolan has taken to skating well. Which is good, because it's hard to put a kid in skating lessons when he's crying and begging you not to. (been there!) Right after his first lesson 6 weeks ago (picture below) he came down with a nasty stomach flu. Can you believe that was only an hour or so after this photo was taken? Crazy bug. (Please never revisit)
First Steps onto the ice.
Throwing stuffed animals onto the ice is a great strategy to get kids to see beyond the fact that they have blades strapped to their feet and ice in front of them. Nolan has now passed his first class, SnowPlow Sam 1 and has graduated (sans cap and gown) to SnowPlow Sam 2.

 The Last Days of Hockey 2012-13
There are too many photos to post of hockey! So I'll post my most recent favs. While at Subway in Faribault, MN a few weeks ago some Firemen came in for a sandwich while we were there. They gave the boys official fireman stickers (firemen are always prepared, case in point they had a bunch of stickers in their wallet!) ... and the boys even had a use for the "negative space" sticker area. They apparently make great moustaches and beards. Who knew stickers had so many uses.

After THIS Sunday's tournament, Easton went with his coach and teammates to a practice in Dubuque for his team. It was a bit odd to leave with just 2 boys. And with them cashed out in the back, 
 I mean REALLY cashed out for the nearly 3.5 hour drive, 
 we had a quiet ride home.
And this is one of my fav. photos ... which we took self-portrait style in the hockey arena earlier this season ... uh, in the bathroom. Oops. Not the best place perhaps, but someday I'll treasure this moment.
I already do.


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I so love this family!

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Your children are adorable! :-)

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The family