Thursday, March 7, 2013

Paracord Bracelet Project

Brayden recently wanted to buy one of those ever-so-cool paracord bracelets when we were on a trip. It seemed a little spendy (especially since I've seen several gotta-have-bracelets of his lately stewn carelessly throughout the house.) But, I did think it would be a great opportunity for a hands-on project in learning some knot tie-ing skills without the project being something like the macramé plant hanger I made when I was  his age. (Which still hangs in my mom's house by the way.)

Googling for the directions for free online and buying an inexpensive pack of a few clips and some paracord on ebay was super! Waiting for the misrouted delivery of the package was NOT so great. Luckily with all the snow we've had lately we were still able to hit a day that it made a great snow-day project.

I made a quick trip to the barn for a scrap piece of 2x4 wood, snagged some electrical wire clips from when we built the house (ha!) and my pink hammer and we were off!

Serious fun and seriously easy. Easton (age 7) and Nolan (age 4) also made one for themselves! Oh yes and one for dad. Hopefully they won't find themselves in an actual emergency where they might actually need these like Rambo. But what a fun boy project! It would be great for a summer activity as well. (Oh yes, for girls too ...)

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