Monday, April 15, 2013

Blessed Owls: The Plan Has Hatched

So I had this crazy idea about a month ago. {It's probably a reaction to my very logical, math-brained, engineer husband. He brings out the creative side of me as I run the other way from anything numerical.} And quite honestly I have my best ideas when trudging through tax preparation time! So, out came the drawing paper ... and the fabric ... and some rough drafts on what I was envisioning. My first idea was a holder for my sons' ipod touches ... they are forever ending up on the seat of the car or the floor between the couch and the lamp table ... I was thinking maybe a pocketed thing might keep them from getting lost or squashed. The owl seemed like a good non-gender specific animal ... wise, hooty ... and I just love the story by P.D. Eastman with the owl and the firefly, Sam and the Firefly, ... I'm sure those lines, "Who ... Who ... Who wants to play?" from that story's text were key to my owl taking shape.

So here they are,
Blessed Owls
Size when they are seated (without their wings measured): 6"x8"
Size when they are "standing" on their toes wings spread: 11x12"
Stuffed somewhere around 2-2.5" thick

With the pocket on the back they make great holders of little things ... like markers, a small pad of paper, an ipod ... or other small electronic device/earbuds ... even Scripture verse cards (say you like to review them right before going to bed and want to keep them together in a handy spot!) I have no doubt kids will come up with all kinds of ideas of stuff they can hold!

So my idea first started as something for my boys ... and then I thought, hmmm ... maybe I could sell these on etsy? (that always scares me) Maybe they should help fundraise for someone's adoption? Hmmm, I didn't know if they were really something anyone else would even like, so I prayed about it, looking for some direction and decided to wait for a bit and just see what would come ... 

And I'm so glad I did wait.
This week during my Sunday School preparation (which I unfortunately had left until Friday night) revealed to me a story that was to be my focus that week. A story that I had never fully read--(since I've read through the Bible, I've had to have read it ... but it didn't impact me apparently as it was like it was speaking at that very moment right to my heart and to what I love to do most.)

The Story is that of a woman named Dorcas (or Tabitha in Arameic) who did good and loved to sew for those who were unable and for the poor. She made beautiful things. One day she became sick ... in fact, so sick that she died! The people were so sad. They prepared her body for burial, took out the things that she had made for them ... appreciated the gifts that she had shared so freely with them and mourned her loss. But it didn't end there, one of her friends did not give up hope. She remembered that one of Jesus' disciples was in a nearby town and hadn't Jesus brought people back to life? She didn't wait, she didn't question ... she went in FAITH and asked him to restore her friend's life and generous heart to them. Peter knew that he was not able to bring this woman back to life on his own ... but in FAITH he went to see Dorcas and saw all the people who loved Dorcas and the gifts that she had glorified God with. And before God in prayer, Peter asked that He might restore this woman's life if it was His will ... and He did. So it's not just  a story of a woman's generous heart for others, for her sharing her talents of sewing, for the appreciation of her life by her friends ... but it is an example of her friends walking in FAITH that God can use each of us in such beautiful and specific ways ... and when we aren't there with our gifts for Him ... we are missed ... It was through FAITH that these friends asked and received a miracle.--Acts 9:36-42
Hmmm, I love to sew ... especially for adoptions and orphan care ... and here I had this project sitting on the shelf ... something that would bring God's word right into the hands little ones. Something that they would hopefully keep longer than the glued on cotton ball handouts that they usually bring home from class.
So off I went to make owls for my Sunday School class, with only one day to do it! 4 boy owls, 4 girl owls ... not knowing who might show up ... And with one son sick on the couch

There not only is a pocket on the back of the owls, but also a verse patch.

Girly Version

Sporty Version
I'm planning on making more (pricing to come) ... if you're interested in one (or two or three) leave me a comment or email me ... at this time I have these:
Two Sisters in need of a home
(the one on the right has a little bit bigger eyes and a bird on the back pocket too)

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Those owls are seriously, seriously cute!!!

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