Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013 Unwrapped

I finally have found a pattern that I could not resist ... FOR BOYS! It may have taken me three boys to get here, but I've finally grabbed these fleeting moments of opportunity with my last boy (before he gets overly picky) and sewed up these cute pants and matching tie just in time for Easter. (Okay, I think they're cute anyway)

I wasn't going to push it in having him try it all on together before Easter morning for fear he'd not like them and refuse to wear them, so I was going on faith that it would all work out.

And thankfully it did!
 And since Nolan often (as in daily) tends to dress himself with his pants backwards, never mind that the pockets don't end up in front, I kinda thought the fancy pockets on the BACK were perfect since they will look just as good if they someday end up on the front.

Easter Morning Boys 
(notice how DARK it is outside the window at 6:20am before the Sunrise Service.) 
Ya, I've really gotten relaxed in my photo taking of the boys. If I get them in the picture frame together looking all at once it's considered success.
{Ages: Brayden 9.9999, Easton 7.75 and Nolan 4.8888)

We celebrated Easter Dinner at my mom's with my brother and sister's families after morning services.
You'd almost believe these guys were angels ...

But there is definitely a snips-n-snails-n-puppy-dog-tail side to them
{they are "fighting" over a pink bunny.}
the bunny (nor any of the glasswear behind them) was not injured in the playful scuffle.

We outted the Easter Bunny this year just being straight with the kids that there is NO Bunny, but that Easter is about Jesus in case there was ever any confusion. They didn't really seemed fazed by it and just were happy about the basket which contained a respectable amount of candy, a shirt and pj pants for the older 2 and some markers, a motorcycle, kite and duck for Nolan. And you know what?
Easter candy works great for counting and sorting activities the next day!

The kite Nolan got his Easter Basket we flew yesterday.
{It was really cold outside!}

If it's been awhile since YOU'VE flown a kite ... drop everything, go to the store and grab one for a little over a buck. It is absolute JOY to feel like you're steering the wind. And you might even feel like you're four again.
 And of course, he let go of it {it was really cold outside and his hands got cold} ... here it is sailing off over the horses. LUCKILY it caught hold of a fence (non-electric part) on the other side of the property and I was able to retrieve it! What are the chances of that?

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Tara Anderson said...

That is an adorable pattern!!! I'm seeing matching brother/sister combos. :)

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