Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Nolan "Clarke-Kent"

Nolan: "Mom ... I think I'm getting whiskers on my arms!" (said in the van on the way to his brother's baseball practice yesterday while looking at his little arms in the sunlight.)
Me: "Well, you must be ready for Kindergarten then."
Nolan: "You get whiskers on your arms when you're ready for Kindergarten?" followed by a really loud: "Wooo Whooo!"

Last week Nolan suddenly decided to wear 3D glasses ... as in all.the.time.
Clarke Kent Disease?

I think it may have been because I mentioned that I cannot really see without MY glasses. (blush, could it be he wants to be like me? Nah. Probably not ... but the timing did coincide.)

Luckily we had a pair without the lenses in them.
He's still pretty stinkin' cute!

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Anonymous said...

He is most precious! From Chris

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