Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's been forever since I posted ... eek.
But life is busy which is a very good thing.

November is National Adoption Month--and also "hand-turkey" month.
Who hasn't made at some point a hand-turkey?
(funny story ... while at the ice arena this weekend my middle son came and told me that some boys were "throwing hand turkeys full of water." Confused? Me too ... Well ... "hand-turkeys" in this conversation turned out to be rubber gloves that the boys had found and filled with water (hahaha!) Oh boys (side note, glad it wasn't my boys doing this or it would NOT have been funny.)

Well there are many, many varieties of hand turkeys ... and they are ALL beautiful!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another bit of the mountain

So, since the movie of Easton posted successfully, I figured I'd post one of Nolan skiing too. Such a HUGE difference from last year for him when he went all "wet noodle" and didn't make it past the bunny hill.

A small taste of the mountains

First time I've posted a video ... so if it works ... here is Easton skiing out of the trees


Monday, January 13, 2014

The Dolly Hospital: Fixing the broken

When I was growing up my mom had a stuffed animal hospital based out of her bedroom closet. If one of our animals developed a tear or a need for a mend, they went to the "hospital" ... complete with an imaginary go-to-sleep-shot and a wake-up-shot given when the sewing was done. Ya, my mom is wonderful.

But, I have to admit ... my hospital has a super-duper backlog and some animals get priority over others that have waited so long that they are almost forgotten. No, things are not always "fair" here in our household or house hospital. But this week it was my deep joy to reattach an American Girlee Doll head back to its body over the weekend!!

No ... of course our three BOYS don't own any AG dolls ... but a friend's daughter errantly "trimmed" the neck strings of her doll and well ... they proved to be a bit too short and WHOOPS! off went her head. This might seem like a HUGE deal, but fear not. It's not!
Judging from the condition of the doll ... I think she's just about new! So she's probably been without her head longer than she had it. And her owner's mom must be a super mom because she tried to zip-tie it back on and sew it and glue it ... it was really done well I might add. But ... necks are tricky and really it needed a neck string. AND not any ol' neck string but a super strong one.

But who wants to pay to send her to the Official AmericanGirlee Hospital? Yikes, I'm not sure how much fees run ... but ... probably better have dolly health care coverage!

I am forever in love with fixing over-loved or under-loved dolls ... and I have been a bit curious about the whole neck string thing anyway. So, when the opportunity arose to dive into figuring one out, I was on it like nobody's business! 

There aren't many things you need, however, this is KEY, using a STRONG string. If you have access to real AG neck string use that ... however, this is nearly the same. It's a zinc core candle wicking string that is used in candle making and it can be found in craft stores or online. It has a thin metal wire that runs through the center which keeps the string and knot tight when tied. I bought mine on Amazon.

This is how the neck looks with the head off and the neck starting to be re-strung.
(Hopefully I can make this sound really hard and so you'll be impressed, but don't let me fool you, it's really not hard.)

I ended up removing the plastic zip tie and the glue and replacing the neck string by feeding it through the casing (the little fabric tunnel around the neck opening) on a safety pin with some tape to secure it. (It was a tight fit but nothing a little persistence couldn't handle! I did have to do it 2 x's as it fell off the safety pin right at the end but not close enough to pull it through. Ug.

But really it was not hard at all if you have the confidence that yes, you can do it. And you can! There are many utube video published online that can help you out too.

I put a few extra knots in to make it lay flat and hopefully be less of an annoyance. And now she's hanging out with one of MY dolls who is starved for attention and dolly company. She'll be back with her mommy tonight at hockey practice!

The family

The family