Monday, July 13, 2015

Kittens From Heaven

The Story of 3 Little Kittens

Midnight-Shadow-BlackO, it depends on which boy you talk to, but this little kitten was found on Tuesday evening in our lawn around 8pm by our Lab, Leo, who had it in his mouth. But before you think the worst of him (as we originally did) I think he was trying to bring the found kitten to us and hadn't disrupted their nest! Brayden saw the scene unfolding out the window and said, "Leo is bringing us a baby cow!"

World's Tiniest Cow ... but it does look like a new calf.
Ya, wet, and sad ... he was not a beautiful orphan.

But scooped up in my t-shirt, warmed and dried and fed ...
He started to perk up and look a bit less like a wild animal.

And with a husband who is very allergic to cats, but who miraculously said we could bring home 2 kittens a few weeks ago (strangely the kittens disappeared before we could rescue them), this was still going to be a stretch to care for such a YOUNG little thing.
And then ... on Wednesday morning (which was REALLY COLD and chilly, as in, the low 50s) I found another small kitten on our driveway! I thought at first sight it must be dead and so I got a shovel to scoop it up, sneered "BAD DOG!" at the clueless dog on the porch ... and then slowly the matted little kitten meowed!

It looked like a tattered stuffed animal, overloved and totally covered in sand and gravel. I named this little one, Shasta, and again, I warmed her up and tried to rehydrate her and clean her up a bit. I think during the night or early morning she struggled out of our tree line and was soaked by the heavy, heavy dew of the morning and then collapsed in our driveway in exhaustion and hypothermia. (The dog had no idea she was there.) Maybe she heard the black kitten meowing from inside our house and was heading toward the meows?

My sister, the nurse, who knows I'm NOT the best in emergency situations ... and knew that I know nothing about cats/kittens, drove to our house with some kitten replacer formula, kitten bottles and some tips on what needed to be done to care for a kitten so very young. What a surprise for her that we had TWO kittens by the time she arrived!
But not for long ... 
as Brayden soon came in with kitten #3 found in the back yard!
(He was stronger than the others, totally dry and pretty stinkin cute ...)
At this point I really started to panic realizing that my reluctant husband had left a few hours earlier not sure on having one kitten and now since he had left ... we had THREE!
We were really in Trouble!

And so Kitten #3 was named, "Trouble." He is an instigator and the leader.

Here are the Three VERY young kittens. (Maybe 3 weeks old?

Tiny But Mighty, "Trouble"

Shasta and Trouble playing

 Shasta and BlackO

 And with midnight and 4am feedings ... ya ... my kitchen was quickly more than a bit disheveled and so was I! But hey, I had adorable kittens!--It's not easy to keep up with 3 boys and 3 kittens! (PS, the kittens were kept in a plastic tote or on the wood floor at all times.)

 Trouble and Easton

 BlackO and Trouble were very playful by day 2.


Nolan and BlackO

BUT ... the kittens were not to be a long time thing for us. Jeff was TRYING to be supportive ... but ... ya ... he just couldn't commit to such young things. He was thinking more of a grown kitten in the barn only. Something that would catch mice. And since we were scheduled to head out of town for State Baseball early on Friday morning through the weekend, I needed to find them families FAST!
What a blessing to find the perfect people ... who found the perfect people and that the kittens are doing fantastic! (However, if you WANT one of these kittens and live in the area, I could probably hook you up for an adoption.) These folks acted out of such kindness to take them on. It is a lot of work to mother a kitten!

So, I got to have kittens, baby kittens!, for 2 days. A miracle.

When I was 5, I had a dream that a baby would be dropped off out of the blue. I ran home from school for months, racing to my bedroom thinking for sure that would be the day one would have "shown up!" Well, it may have taken nearly 40 years ... and the baby turned out to be 3 kittens ... but the miracle is still pretty wonderful :-)
You just never know what your week may hold!

 (And as I packed up the kittens to take to their new home ... Leo gave me this look ...
seeming to say,"I cannot belive you are giving away that fuzzy gift I gave you!")

And Easton said that if we ever get another baby kitten ... he's NEVER giving it up!

The family

The family